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Our method

Our working method

Working method
A large portion of our bicycles are purchased from various municipalities. We also obtain bicycles through trade-in and buy our bicycles from various bicycle shops. Each bicycle is expertly prepared for use by our certified bicycle mechanics. This means that every bicycle receives a complete maintenance service before it is offered to the customer. The following activities are carried out when making a bicycle ready for use: the chain, brakes and gears are adjusted and replaced if necessary, the wheels are checked for play or knocks, the tires are checked for wear and the lighting is repaired. or possibly replace. The bicycles then go on sale via our webshop and our physical store. Our website is updated daily and supplemented with “new” second-hand bicycles and is therefore always up to date.

You choose the bicycle you would like to buy, you pay and the bicycle will be delivered to your home free of charge within 3 working days. We deliver free of charge throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. We will always contact you before we deliver your bicycle. That is why it is important that you enter your telephone number and email address when placing the order. If you have ordered a lock, it is not necessary that you are at home when it is delivered. In consultation with you, we will lock the bicycle in front of your door and put the keys in your mailbox. It is of course also possible to pick up your bicycle in our physical store in Rotterdam.

All our bicycles are supplied with a 1-month purchase warranty as standard. This warranty applies to the following parts: bottom bracket, rear and front axle, frame and wheel bearings. If problems arise with the bicycle after the warranty period that are not your own fault, you can always contact us for a suitable solution. We also have our own service van that can visit you at any time to carry out various work on your bicycle. This is possible both within and outside the warranty period.

Exchange and return
If you are not satisfied with the bicycle, you can exchange or return the bicycle within 14 days of purchase. You can choose to exchange or hand in the bicycle yourself. Then the exchange and return will be free of charge and you will receive the full purchase amount back in the event of a return. It is also possible for us to collect the bicycle from you or to exchange it. We will deduct €50 from the purchase amount for transport costs incurred. When collecting or exchanging a bicycle in Belgium, we deduct €70 from the purchase amount for transport costs incurred. When exchanging or returning a new bicycle, in addition to the usual transport costs, we also charge €50 for making the bicycle ready for use.