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Offering the best second-hand bicycles in the Netherlands

Immerse yourself in our world of second-hand bicycles and discover how an old bicycle can have a whole new adventure in store. Join our passion and make a conscious choice for quality, durability and style with a second-hand bicycle that has been pampered with love.

customer reviews

The range may surprise you, with a variety of well-maintained bicycles that are both reliable and economical. I was impressed with the quality of the bikes available here and left with a fantastic deal.

Maarten van Dam

During my search for an affordable second hand bicycle I came across this second hand bicycle shop, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Not only did I find a bike in excellent condition, but the prices here are really affordable

Sophie de Vries

As someone who loves cycling but is always on a budget, finding this second hand bike shop was a game changer. The range of second hand bikes they offer is impressive and the prices can't be beat

Daan Bakker

I have now purchased two bikes from this store and each time I have been blown away by the quality and affordability. Whether you're a commuter, a casual cyclist or a serious cyclist, there's something for everyone here.


Great customer service! I bought a Gazelle Esprit yesterday and delivered it today!
The bike is perfect. I am happy with my new bike. Thank you!


Very wide range and very friendly service. I got a great bike there
buy for a good price. The home delivery was also very convenient for me.


Good thing! Very large selection, and when I decided to exchange my bike because of the size
If it wasn't quite right, that was no problem.


Top service, quickly arranged, the bike is neatly inspected, friendly and you can quickly cycle again


Secondhand bikes

Offering the best second-hand bicycles in the Netherlands, that is our mission. You can find a nearly new second-hand bicycle at 2dehandsfietsenwinkel. Immerse yourself in our world of second-hand bicycles and discover how an old bicycle can have a whole new adventure in store. Join our passion and make a conscious choice for quality, durability and style with a second-hand bicycle that has been pampered with love.


Buy a bicycle? View our range of Second-hand bicycles!

You can buy a good and affordable bicycle at 2dehandsfietsenwinkel. Not only are our second-hand bicycles a relief for your wallet, our bicycles have also been transformed into almost brand new two-wheelers. View our wide range of second-hand women's bicycles , second-hand men's bicycles , second-hand children's bicycles , and also second-hand electric bicycles . All second-hand bicycles that you buy from us have been checked by one of our certified bicycle mechanics. For example, they check the brakes, check the wheels for looseness and inflate the tires. A hole in the saddle? This will then be renewed before you buy it. This way you buy a second-hand bicycle that is still of good quality, with a warranty, but for a much lower price.


Advice when buying a second-hand bicycle

Buying a second-hand bicycle online is no longer an exception these days. But what should you pay attention to when buying a second-hand bicycle? Let our professionals help you choose your perfect bike.

Let's start with the frame size, choose the frame size that matches your second-hand bicycle. Do you already know what type of bicycle you want? At 2dehandsfietsenwinkel we have various second-hand bicycles and something for everyone. For example, consider a city bike, granny bike, grandma bike or go for a sporty second-hand racing bike. All second-hand bicycles are of high quality and have been completely checked in advance by the bicycle maker. The bicycle will also be made ready for riding so that you can start riding it straight away.

Were you able to make a choice? Have you already added the necessary accessories ? Order your second hand bicycle now and have it delivered to your home for free or come by for a test drive.


You can buy the best second-hand bicycle at 2dehandsfietsenwinkel

At 2dehandsfietsenwinkel you are assured of a good purchase when it comes to second-hand bicycles. Not only do we offer the security of the best second-hand bicycles in the Netherlands, we also contribute to an environmentally friendly planet. By choosing a used bicycle, you give this means of transport a new chapter and reduce the demand for new production. In this way you contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and make a positive contribution to the preservation of our planet. Give second-hand bicycles a new chance and help reduce emissions. Choose sustainability, contribute to a greener future!

Where can you buy second-hand bicycles?

At 2dehandsfietsenwinkel you can buy cheap second-hand bicycles with the guarantee of a new bicycle. We deliver your second-hand bicycle to your home for free. Discover our second-hand bicycles in Rotterdam , Amsterdam , The Hague , Utrecht , Breda or in our student cities such as Groningen , Leiden , Nijmegen and many more locations in the Netherlands and Belgium!

What is a good price for a used bicycle?

A good price for a used bicycle depends on several factors, such as the brand, age and condition of the bicycle. For a well-maintained second-hand bicycle you can usually expect a price of around €200, with possibly higher amounts for premium brands.

Where can you buy cheap bicycles?

You can buy cheap, high-quality bicycles at At 2dehandsfietsenwinkel it is possible to purchase an affordable bicycle and at the same time benefit from a guarantee of quality.